Your Virtual Showroom

Are you a professional who sources and works with hardwood flooring? If so we want to work with you!

How Does It Work?

  1. Apply for a Pro Account.
  2. Receive a unique code specific to your account.
  3. Have your customers enter your code at checkout. It's that easy!

You Get Rewards, Your Customer Gets A Discount

When you set-up a Pro Account, you get a unique code that you can give to your clients. Do you carry a showroom's worth of samples with you when you bid a job? You do now. If you have a smartphone or tablet, you can go though our expertly curated process together with your clients while you are estimating their job, or let them do it at their leisure. Just be sure to give them your code and have them enter it when they get to checkout to receive a discount. On top of the discount, you will also receive a percentage of that sale. We handle everything from there, from payment to delivery. You just have to show up and do what you do best!

Better Materials Means You Do A Better Job, Faster.

We grew up in the hardwood flooring industry, and have installed hardwood flooring ourselves. We appreciate quality in manufacturing as well as quality of materials. All of our products are expertly milled and manufactured to be easier to work with than many of the box store options. We know installers have enough to worry about, we don't want you wasting time fighting with poorly made materials. Let's get to work!

I'm In, How Do I Get A Pro Account?

Not just anyone is eligible for a Pro Account; it really is just for pros. You have to be able to demonstrate that you are truly a professional who sells or works with hardwood flooring on a regular basis. Someone like (but not limited to) a contractor, decorator, designer, or architect. We will ask you some basic questions and give you an opportunity to provide any supporting documentation. 

If you are awarded a Pro Account, it is only to be used for clients you work with directly. Your code is not to be made public in any way.

Pro Accounts are awarded solely at Revel Woods’ discretion. Discounts and commission details are given once the account has been approved.