Your Virtual Flooring Showroom

If you are a professional who deals with hardwood flooring on a regular basis (a designer, an architect, or flooring installer), we want to work with you.

Revel Woods set out to make the highest quality, responsibly sourced flooring easier to get and more affordable than ever. We want to be a resource that will raise the quality of your work, lower the cost and make your life, and the lives of your clients, easier. That’s why we developed the Revel Woods Professional Program.

We created an easy shopping experience for your clients where they only shop for floors that are structurally recommended for their space. All of our floors are made from high quality, North American sourced materials that are easy to work with and built to last.

That frees you up to focus on what you do best. If you’re a designer, you can focus on creating the right look for the space. If you are an installer, you can focus on your craft without struggling with low end materials (you installers out there know what I’m talking about). We have already invented the wheel, and we want you to use it to make your life and business better.

The best part: not only will using a Revel Woods Pro Account make your life easier, but you will be rewarded for it as well. Here’s how it works:

You Get Rewards, Your Customer Gets A Discount

When you set-up a Pro Account, you get a unique code that you can give to your clients. Your clients use the site just like they would have on their own. They go through our process and select and purchase samples, but when they get to the checkout, they enter your code.

Once that code is entered, everything they buy from Revel Woods is discounted. Other than the exclusive discount, every other part of the premier Revel Woods experience is the same.

The positive experience for your client would be enough, but we thought we could make this deal even better. For every purchase made using your code, you will receive a portion of the sale. You will also receive all email communications from Revel Woods to that customer, including scheduling and delivery information. All information pertaining to your clients, accounts and rewards will be accessible through your Pro Account page.

Your life gets easier, your client saves money on a premium, responsibly sourced product and you get rewarded for working with us.

Finally, we have plans down the road for a referral program, so if you use our site, we will help generate leads for you as well. We will let you know when that is ready.

I’m in! How Do I Get A Pro Account?

Not just anyone is eligible for a Pro Account; it really is just for pros. You have to be able to demonstrate that you are truly a professional who sells or works with hardwood flooring on a regular basis. Someone like (but not limited to) a contractor, decorator, designer, or architect.

When you apply for a Pro Account, we will ask you some legal questions about your business, but we will also give you the opportunity to present any supporting documentation (Website, pictures of jobs you have done, or if you belong to a professional organization like the National Wood Flooring Association).

If you are awarded a Pro Account, it is only to be used for clients you work with directly. Your code is not to be made public in any way.

Pro Accounts are awarded solely at Revel Woods’ discretion.

If this sounds like the sort of supplier partnership you’ve been looking for, then fill out the application and let’s work together.

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